90 Day Rehab Programs

90-Day Rehab Programs

A 90-day program for substance abuse recovery offers you a concentrated period to work on issues that contribute to your addiction.

Intensive Rehab Programs Help Increase Success in Recovery

Substance abuse is a chronic problem that can have detrimental effects on physical health, mental health, careers and relationships. Treatment programs provide a variety of tools to manage addiction and develop healthy habits that allow individuals to return to their regular lives. Different types of programs are available to suit the individual needs of each patient. A 90-day rehab commitment is a great way to help achieve lasting sobriety. We offer rehab facilities committed to your drug recovery.  Click here to find a rehab near me facility.

Benefits of 90-Day Rehab Programs

A 90-day program can offer significant benefits over short-term rehab options:

• The 90-day period separates you from the usual environment of substance use, which makes it easier to avoid triggers.
• You have the time to concentrate on specific issues that may contribute to substance use, such as addressing self-esteem issues, overcoming traumatic events or treating mental health problems.
• You have more time to develop a variety of coping skills for normal life.
• These programs have more time to incorporate family therapy sessions that can help sustain you after treatment.  Click here to find rehabs near me to start on the road to recovery.

Who Can Benefit from Long-Term Programs?

Individuals who have struggled with substance abuse for a number of years often find that the intensive work of a 90 day rehab programs helps them establish good habits that allow them to sustain recovery over time. Some patients may have been in short-term recovery programs previously and have relapsed. They may feel they need more sustained treatment to gain the skills to succeed in recovery. Intravenous drug users often benefit from the intensive therapy involved in long-term programs to help them overcome their habits. In these cases, a 90-day program helps reinforce the tools needed to sustain abstinence that will help them stay sober. Qualis Care can find the help you need to live drug-free.

Qualis Care 90-Day Rehab Programs Can Make the Difference

If you have been in treatment before, you may have become discouraged with relapsing and successfully integrating recovery into your life. The Qualis Care program offers a number of advantages that can help you maintain your sobriety and rebuild a productive lifestyle. A happy, substance-free life is within your reach. Let us help you live the drug- and alcohol-free life you’ve always dreamed of. Call Qualis Care to learn more about the programs that can help give you back your life.

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