90 Day Rehab Programs

Millions of Americans are struggling with opioid addiction every day. Many will seek recovery through treatment programs that promise a “quick fix.” Unfortunately, 30 or 60-day opiate treatment programs do not offer the ongoing support and rehabilitation that is needed for long-term recovery and healing.

It is difficult if not impossible to address the causes of addiction and retrain the mind and body for healthy, drug-free living in just 30 or 60 days. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently published a study showing that 90-day rehab programs are more successful in establishing and maintaining recovery from addiction than 30 or 60-day programs.

Our 90-day rehab program puts you on the path to recovery. Our caring, experienced staff supports your recovery every step of the way.

What treatment program is right for me or my loved one?

There are currently over 14,000 drug treatment facilities in the U.S. offering opiate addiction treatment. Finding the right treatment program for yourself or your loved-one can be overwhelming. An effective recovery program should include:

- full medical detox services

- in-patient, residential treatment

- intensive diagnosis and treatment of underlying emotional issues

- identification of negative behavior patterns

- therapeutic communities

- transition programs that focus on environmental factors and healthy relationships

- ongoing out-patient support

Individual and family therapy are essential components in rehabilitation. It is necessary to address not only the addiction but also the underlying causes of trauma and feelings of self-worth and shame that accompanies long-term addiction.

It is vital to identify unhealthy patterns of behavior and destructive, co-dependent relationships that play a part in the addiction. Effective behavioral therapy helps the patient develop coping skills and strategies to assist in lasting recovery and reduce the possibility of relapse. This in-depth work requires a long-term program.

Our 90-day rehab program will provide you with the tools and strategies required for real recovery and healing. This means focusing on mind and body health and awareness, patient accountability and ongoing counseling and therapy to address and repair underlying emotional disturbances and trauma. Your treatment requires the advanced level of care that we can provide.

Our experienced clinical care staff has designed 90-day rehab programs that will meet your unique patient needs. No matter what type of addiction you are struggling with, we can help you to discover a new you - the person you once were and can be again. You can lead a healthy, drug-free life with the right treatment program.

These are just some of the treatment programs we provide:

-Opiate addiction recovery

-Methamphetamine addiction recovery

-Cocaine addiction recovery

-Prescription drug addiction recovery

Our individualized, 90-day rehab programs are research-based, long-term, residential treatment in a safe, discreet environment at state-of-the-art facilities. Our patients experience the level of support and care needed for real healing. Your life is worth it. The lives of your family are worth it. Contact us today for a free telephone consultation to discuss your options. We will work with your insurance company to design a plan that works for you.

90 Day Rehab Programs