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Watching your adult child struggle with drug addiction is terribly hard. Here are some practical ways you can get your child the help they need from drug and alcohol treatment centers.


Practical Intervention for Helping Your Adult Child Overcome Addiction


Have you approached your adult child with emotionally based interventions? Did you cry, plead or yell as you begged your son or daughter to get help through drug treatment? Unfortunately, emotionally based interventions involving asking, shouting and pointing out problems in their lives usually aren’t successful. If you have been pleading with your child from an emotional perspective, a new approach may be needed. A practical intervention, which involves minimal emotion, is hard for the drug user to argue.



How to Set Up a Practical Intervention

Addicts are usually guarded and run away or respond in anger when confronted with emotional pleading. A practical intervention involves preparation on your part. Most addicts are spending every dime they have on drugs and cannot comprehend how to enter a treatment center to learn how to start their life over without using. Before approaching your child, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the situation. You should:


  1. Choose and Suggest a Specific Drug Treatment Center

Choose from among many drug and alcohol treatment centers and share simple details of the program with your son or daughter. Approach your adult child with a plan that is ready to implement. It will be difficult for your child to argue if you present practical treatment solutions while displaying minimal emotions.


  1. Offer Financial Options

Qualis Care is committed to your drug recovery and can help you address treatment costs with your child. Financial options are available, and counselors are ready to speak with you. You can approach your child with practical answers that can alter the course of his or her life for the better.



How to Respond if Your Adult Child Refuses Your Practical Help


If your child responds negatively to your offer of help, walk away to provide him or her time to consider the options that you have suggested. Do not resort to crying or emotional tactics because you will push him or her further away. Let your adult child know that you have drawn a line in the sand. You are ready to help, but you are stepping away emotionally and financially until they accept the plan you have laid out.


Your adult child needs a plan that is ready to be implemented. Qualis Care can help your child live a drug- and alcohol-free life. Contact us today for help.

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