How Do Family Intervention Services Work?

man at an intervention with his family

When one person in a family is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is not just the addicted person who suffers. The family members suffer because they are watching their loved one who is on a downward spiral while dealing with a blend of different emotions, such as anger, frustration, sadness, and even depression. Seeing someone you love acting like someone you do not know because of an addiction is a challenge. It is hard to watch someone you truly care about doing things that are harming their health and ruining their life, which is why family intervention services exist.

The Importance of an Intervention

Some people abuse drugs and alcohol because they feel lost, alone, and depressed and they have no idea what to do to make themselves feel better, so they start using drugs or alcohol as a way to start suppressing their feelings. They may feel like they do not have support from their loved ones, even though their family members are concerned with their wellbeing and want the best for them. Sometimes it helps to make sure the addicted individual realizes that they are loved, cared about, and do have people willing to support them if they are ready to start their journey to recovery.

An intervention is so important because the family sits down together as a unit and they focus on talking to the addicted individual, letting him or her know how they feel in a non-confrontational way. While it is important for family members to address their concerns and talk about the things that are hurting them the most when it comes to the addiction and how it negatively affects them, the family members must be willing to do so while taking a gentle approach because screaming, yelling, and arguing is only going to make the addicted individual want to use even more.

Receiving Guidance From an Interventionist

While a family may choose to prepare their own intervention, it is best for them to hire an interventionist to help them with this process. It is a serious matter because their loved one is involved and is the one who is hurting themselves as well as the rest of the family because of the addiction they have. An interventionist is there to oversee the intervention and to keep things on track, making sure the family is taking a careful approach while speaking their mind to the addicted individual and letting this person know how they feel.

The family intervention services exist because these interventions save lives. Many addicted people do not realize they are out of control until they hear from their loved ones and listen to the things they are saying. Not only does it help addicted individuals come to the realization that they do have a problem, but it is something that often encourages these individuals to get the professional help they need to make positive changes in their lives. As the family member of someone with a serious addiction, it may be the right time to use the intervention services to help the person you love.