Evenings in Rehab: Home Stretch 12-Step Meetings

After dinner, there may be another short group session. Typically, a 12-step program is available in the evenings, which is highly recommended. The meetings provide a safe, respectful and anonymous environment in which fellowship can be fostered — which serves as an intrinsic element for long-term sobriety.

Bedtime is encouraged to be at a reasonable hour, as healthy habits are being cultivated during the inpatient program. By getting enough sleep, clients are more alert and have more energy to experience peak participation in daily treatment.

Free Time in Rehab
There are usually a couple of hours of free time available in the afternoon to be used however the resident chooses.

Activities like pool or ping-pong, basketball, soccer and volleyball may be offered, and some facilities may have a swimming pool.

Some people choose to spend free time reading or journaling and others may use the time for prayer or meditation.

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