Steps For An Intervention For Alcoholics

man passed out with a bottle of liquor

There are a lot of people who view an intervention for alcoholics as a last effort. However, this should actually be viewed as a way of helping someone get help before they are too far gone. If you know someone who is struggling with alcoholism, you need to know how to stage an intervention for them. There are a number of steps that go into an intervention for alcoholics that you need to know about.

Influential Parties

The first step in an intervention for alcoholics is to determine who is important and influential in the person’s life. These people will generally have a higher chance of success when they talk to the person about their alcohol problem. When you determine who these people are, you will be able to talk about how you can all approach the person with the problem.

A lot of people feel that they are plotting against someone they care about at this stage. However, this is not the case and you are actually gathering support for them. You need to look at the bigger picture and help the affected person understand that people who care about them are concerned.

Determine A Time And Place

Once you have all of the influential people together, you need to determine a time and place for the intervention. You need to be careful and specific when you do this because this will have a major impact on the success of the intervention. You need to consider the environment as well as the free space between you and the person with the problem.

You do not want them to feel cornered during the intervention as this will lead to negative reactions. It is best to choose a time and place that will be comfortable for the person. You should never ambush them in a public place or their bar of choice. They need to feel safe and that their loved ones are being constructive.

Creating A Script

There are a lot of different things that you could say to the affected person. You may be feeling hurt, angry or disappointed and what to make this known, but you have to be careful. Letting out the wrong words can change the atmosphere of the intervention and lead to failure.

You should never hold an intervention without creating a script first. This will lead to someone saying the wrong things and that will make the affected person defensive which is something that you want to avoid. Ensuring that you say the right things will also increase the chances of the intervention being a success.

Getting The Help Of A Professional

If you are worried that your planning is not going well or are nervous that your intervention is going to fail, you should look at getting professional help. You can contact an interventionist who will be able to direct and plan the intervention with you. When you work with these professionals, your intervention will have a higher chance of success. This is due to the fact that they know what you should be saying and how to word everything in a way that is constructive and not an attack.