Opiate Detox Centers

Quitting and detoxing from the use of opiate drugs is one of the most important and difficult steps in the recovery process. If you are an addict, you have tried to quit on your own and found that it is too difficult to resist the cravings. If it is your loved one that is struggling with opiate addiction, you have seen the physical and emotional toll it has taken and the failed attempts to quit.


Our opiate detox centers are a safe place where patients can receive the medical attention and treatment required for detoxification from opiates. We can answer your most important questions regarding the detox process and what to expect.


What should I expect from opiate detox?


The goal of the staff at our opiate detox centers is to effectively and safely detox the individual (under safe, monitored conditions) and then begin treatment to heal the patient, and transition the individual to a new life.  The process of detox and withdrawal is difficult to say the least - especially when the drug of choice is opiates. Finding a quality opiate detox center is key to quitting and avoiding relapse.

The use of medications to substitute the drug is used to assist in the detox process, as they effectively decrease the level of discomfort increase the likelihood for success in recovery.


How can I find an opiate detox center that is  right for me or my loved one?


For individual suffering from heroin, or opiate addiction, quitting can be a dangerous challenge. How can you be sure you are getting the care you or your loved one needs for safe detoxification? There are many options to consider when choosing an opiate detox center. Our opiate detox centers offer safe, discreet services for you or your loved one, so that you can be certain you are being given the support to increase chances for a lasting recovery and decrease incidences of relapse.


Our opiate detox centers provide:

- experienced, licensed doctors and nurses

- replacement medication to reduce the pain and discomfort of withdrawal

- patient-centered, holistic approach to treatment

- caring, experienced staff

- safe, comfortable environment and round-the-clock monitoring monitoring


Treatment After Detox

Finding an opiate detox center that is right for you or your loved one is very important to ensure your success. Once your body has detoxified and the drugs are out of your system, the next steps are crucial. Our 90 day treatment programs provide a smooth transition into the next phase of your recovery.

Whether you are dealing with addiction to opiates, amphetamines, or a combination of substances, withdrawal and detox can be extremely challenging on a mental and physical level, but our experienced staff can design a program that meets your individual needs. While the process can seem overwhelming and a bit scary, recovery is within reach. Let’s begin the process together.

Our opiate detox centers will offer you or your loved one the privacy and medial care needed to begin the process of healing. Our patients experience the level of support and care to provide the most comfortable experience possible. Contact us today to speak with an experienced drug rehabilitation specialist by phone. We will work with your insurance company to design a plan that works for you and that you can afford.