Prescription Drug Addiction

Are you struggling with opioid addiction?  Do you feel that your life has spiraled out of control due to your dependence on prescription drugs? Is your prescription drug addiction impacting your loved ones?
 If you answered yes to any of these questions, our professionals can help. Our state-of-the art recovery facility offers treatment options that will work for you. Our 90-day rehab programs provide the recovery services you need, in the comfort and safety of our private facilities, to lead you or your loved one down the path to recovery.
Understanding Addiction
Opioids are a class of drugs that includes illicit street drugs, like heroin, as well as prescription drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycontin. Doctor typically prescribe these drugs for pain management, but when patients use these drugs outside of the doctors’ prescribed use, dependence and addiction can quickly develop.
Addiction is the physical and psychological “need” for a drug. This leads to a desire to acquire the drug and the increased use of this, or alternate substances, to satisfy the cravings. The user finds it difficult, if not impossible, to quit using the drug without medical help, and this often leads to painful consequences.
Addiction to prescription drugs is classified by the occurrence of any, or all, of the following criteria:
●       Strong urges and cravings for the drug
●       Unsuccessful attempts to “cut down” or quit
●       Taking increasing amounts of the substance and needing to increase the amount to get the desired effect
●       Continuing to use although it is affecting personal and professional relationships
●       Using the substance regardless of negative physical and mental effects
●       Acquiring and using the drug impedes social, recreational and professional activities (friends, work, and hobbies)
●       Secret keeping in regards to use of the substance
Quitting on your own is often impossible and dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can include anxiety, muscle pain, diarrhea, fainting and vomiting among others. *this stage of the recovery process should take place in a safe place, under medical care by qualified clinicians.
If you or your loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should seek professional treatment immediately. 
The Road to Recovery: Choosing the Right Treatment Options
It is essential that you find a treatment program that is tailored for your specific recovery needs.  Our medical professionals and caring staff provide you with discrete, effective care that is specifically tailored to meet your emotional and physical needs.
Our individualized 90-day treatment programs are comprehensive and patient-centered. Our professionals will design a strategic plan that supports your unique needs and puts you or your loved one on the path to recovery.  While many facilities offer 30 or 60-day programs, the success rates are much lower.  Patients are more likely to experience a successful recovery with a 90-day program as it gives the individual sufficient time for healing, therapy, reflection, and transitioning.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to go on to lead a happy, healthy, productive life free from the pain of addiction.
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