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Every person who suffers from addiction has different life circumstances. In each case, there are economic, family, social, and work aspects that can influence the type of help the patient is willing to accept.

Detoxification treatments have become popular nowadays because many of them offer "comfortable" options that allow the individual to keep part of their daily life. However, it is essential to determine if this type of treatment will provide a definitive solution to the disease.

Why does substance addiction occur?

There is no specific cause for an individual to become an addict. In the case of substances, it is a mixture of the physical allergy to the element (the drug) combined with the loss of the resistance to it. This physical habit comes with a psychological dependence induced by social, genetic, or emotional factors (also influence the patient's life history), which leads to becoming addicted.

Relevant Aspects of Addictions

Highlighting two aspects is essential. First, addictions are diseases. Contrary to what society thinks, the patient is not guilty of having become addicted. It is the product of the various factors that came together in patient’s life.

Second, substance dependence is a "consequence" of a much higher psychological, social, emotional, or environmental problem. The real causes of sociopathy are in the patient's past. That is why it is widespread for an addict to change from one substance to another frequently.

Is Wise to Go to a Detoxification Center?

Detoxification efficiently distances the patient from the activating element of their disease. Unfortunately, there are unimportant aspects of this type of procedure. First, to calm anxieties and abstinence syndromes, these treatments use medication, and for an addict to substitute one substance for another is a thin line to walk.

Also, this type of treatment focuses on the physical part of the problem. Effectively as time passes, and the addict is away from the drug, his body stabilizes and feels better. However, the real issues that cause sociopathy are often left aside. As a consequence, it is most likely that the person will return to consume after the detoxification finishes.

Rehabilitation treatments work differently. It is possible that in the beginning some medicines are used, but the exact core of the procedure is in the therapy. This technique seeks to determine what was the turning point in the patient's life, which broke his emotional life and generated the parallel universe, in which the substance is only the bridge between this world and ours.

Rehabilitation is the path that most likely offers an addict to recover. If you or a family member present an addictive condition and are looking for help, just ask yourself "which are the rehabs near me?" then go to find assistance.

What if I Cannot Find Rehabs Near Me?

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Rehabs Near Me